Homegrown, seasonal flowers

Why are homegrown, seasonal flowers the best choice for your special occasion?   

First, they will last the longest because they are the freshest.   I love that I can make a bouquet from flowers I cut from my garden a few hours earlier.  Just by changing the water in the vase every day, you can keep your arrangement looking beautiful for a week or more!  

Second, you will be getting the most unique selection of flowers.  Don't like yellow sunflowers?  Try a white sunflower!  Did you know there are over 125 different varieties of zinnias?  My goal is to grow something in my garden that is a little different than what you would find in the grocery store.  

Third, you are supporting a local business and your local pollinators.  I appreciate it and so do the bees!  I grow as sustainably as I can and work with pollinators to provide you with the best blooms possible.  

Summer & Fall Flowers

Spring Flowers