Mission Statement

My mission is to create more than just arrangements; I aim to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. My designs reflect the seasons, our beloved Utah landscape, and the beauty that each flower holds, ensuring that every bouquet and arrangement is a unique piece of art.

I am dedicated to using sustainable practices, respecting the earth that gives us these beautiful gifts. I believe in the importance of nurturing the environment and the soil that grows these flowers by using organic growing techniques and promoting biodiversity in my garden.  I am also aware of the need to build my business in a way that is sustainable for me mentally and physically in the long run.  

My mission is to bring beauty into the lives of my customers and to spread joy through the simple elegance of flowers. Whether it's a single bloom, a lavish bouquet, or a custom floral design, Bessie & Joyce Flowers is here to make your world a more beautiful place, one flower at a time.